Storm Damage

Immediately contact your insurance provider prior to removing any damages. Every insurance agency operates differently and will have different requirements on how they will handle claims. In addition to speaking with your agency, the City of Seabrook is also required to keep track of damage in our city, please see below for more information on what you should do.

Storm Damage Report

Please complete this form to notify the City of damage to your home or business. Information gathered will be assessed and sent to the county and a state.

Storm Damage Recovery Permit Process

Please also complete the Storm Damage Report and submit it to the City of Seabrook. We are also requesting for you to help us track repair costs in our community. Please fill out a Seabrook Building Permit Application (PDF), and check “Other” in the type of work section and note “Harvey Damage Repair”. You may continue to remove damaged material from your home before submitting for or receiving a Storm Damage Recovery Permit.

Download our Standard Operating Procedures for Storm Damage Reporting.

  1. Building permit – Along with the building permit application we ask that you include the following:

    1.1 An itemized list of work or materials with an approximate cost for each, along with a total for all work (See back of this page for example).

    1.2 If you have any photographs of damage showing:

    - water marks, in your home or business.
    - Lost or broken exterior components (shingles, windows, doors, Etc.) Please attach them (1 to 5 photos)

  2. Cover Inspection - Once you have removed all of your damaged materials and before re-installing sheetrock and interior finishes, call for a cover inspection.

  3. Final Inspection – Once you have completed all repairs call for a final inspection to verify finalization of all work per your approved permit and to close your permit.

Please Note that repair or replacement of electrical mechanical and plumbing system components may require that a licensed contractor pull a separate trade permit for those repairs.